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Deposits to reserve hunts need to be made at least 30 days in advance of the dates requested.
Hunting packages at $250/day/hunter are typically three-day hunts and include the following:

* Bed and breakfast-style accommodations
* One-on-one guided hunt
* Field dressing of animal
* Breakfast, lunch, and dinner
* Stocked bar
* Access to fishing/varmint hunting

There is a non-refundable $500 deposit/hunter required per hunt, which will be applied to the cost of the hunting package. All hunters are required to possess a valid Texas hunting license. Non-hunting guests may accompany the hunter for an additional $100/day.

Wounded game are considered the same as a kill. Appropriate animal fees apply and every effort will be made to find wounded animals.

Scimitar-Horned Oryx

Oryx Both male & female Oryx have long thin parallel horns that curve backward and grow to be several feet long. The Oryx are mostly white with reddish brown necks and marks on the face and a long,dark tufted tail. Body length ranges from 5.0' to 7.5' and their shoulder height is generally 3.6' to 4.6' weighing around 400 pounds. They normally live in herds and are led by a single male.
Trophy fee: $120 per inch of the longest horn.

Axis Deer

Axis Deer Axis deer are moderately large spotted deer with three tines on each antler. Their coats are brown dappled with white spots and their rumps, throats, abdomens, inside of legs, ears and underside of the tails are white with a dark stripe from nape to near the tip of the tail. Axis males can weigh up to 250 pounds and females can weigh up to 150 pounds. Axis were native to India and introduced to Texas around 1932. An old experienced doe is usually the leader in a herd. Rutting males emit bugle-like bellows and both sexes have alarm calls or barks.
Trophy fee: Axis Buck - $3,500 to $4,500 and a Doe - $500.

Blackbuck Antelope

Blackbuck Antelope The distinct horns of the Blackbuck are ringed with 1 to 4 spiral turns, rarely more than 4 turns, and can be as long as 28". In the male, the upper body is black or dark brown and the belly and eye rings are white. The female is light brown and usually hornless. The Blackbuck is one of the fastest animals and can outrun most predators over long distances.
Trophy fee: $2,500 for horns less than 20" and $3,000 for more than 20"


Fallow Bucks can reach 130 - 190 lbs and a doe can reach 65 - 110 lbs. The species vary in color but the common fallow deer has a brown coat with white mottles that are most pronounced in summer with a much darker coat in the winter. Only bucks have antlers and these are broad usually with pulmation. During the rut, bucks will spread out and females move between them. This is a time when they are relatively ungrouped compared to the rest of the year when they try to stay together.
Trophy fee: Fallow Buck - $3,000 & Fallow Doe - $500.

Red Stag Deer

Red Stag Deer Male red deer are much larger than the females and grow a short neck mane during the fall. They are much larger than whitetail deer and tend to be between 7' - 8' in length from nose to tail. Only the stags have antlers which grow in the spring and are shed each year usually at the end of winter. The antlers can grow at a rate of 1" a day and are rather straight and ridged with the 4th and 5th tines forming a "crown" or "cup" in larger males.
Trophy fee: $3,000 to $7,500.

Whitetail Deer

Whitetail Deer Trophy fee: Whitetail Bucks:
$2,500 (115-132 B&C)
$3,450 (133-144 B&C)
$5,700 (145-155 B&C)
$8,900 (156-165 B&C)
$12,450 (166-172 B&C)
Call for pricing for larger than 173 B&C

Hogs & Fowl

Whitetail Deer Hunt fees:
Quail - $550
Hog - $990
Turkey - $1,250

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